Wallpaper: The Outdoor art installations defining public space – Jessica Klingelfuss & TF Chan

Jessica Klingelfuss & TF Chan, Wallpaper, June 10, 2020

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The Outdoor art installations defining public space, Jessica Klingelfuss, Wallpaper

One’s perception of Nick Hornby’s sculpture literally depends on perspective: using computer algorithms, he cross-pollinates distinctive, often contrasting forms to mesmerising effect. His largest work to date, a 5m tall, Corten steel piece, resembles Michelangelo’s David from one angle, and a line from a 1925 Kandinsky drawing when seen from another. The combination of the most recognisable of Renaissance artworks with an excerpt from one of the past century’s greatest abstract artists is visually arresting as well as thought-provoking – speaking to the entwinement of figuration and abstraction, old and (somewhat) new. It also takes an impressive feat of engineering to steady the gravity-defying form. Titled Twofold, the sculpture was commissioned for the city of Harlow, a new town in Essex with a robust public art collection that has often flown under the radar. Joining the work of Rodin, Hepworth and Chadwick among others,Twofold is a testament to the imagination and finesse of one of contemporary Britain’s most thrilling sculptural talents.

–– TF Chan